Sex Magic - Manifest Pleasure & Abundance

Unleash your inner fire and use your sexual energy to create the juicyness, pleasure and money you desire.

In this juicy course I will guide you though the magical power of sex magic. Sex magic is a potent practice to build your inner fire and alchemize sexual energy to manifest your wildest desires. It is a powerful practice because it brings the energy from your visualization into the physical dimension.
You can use this potent energy to call in your wildest desires: i.e. money, your dream house, your soulmate(s), or your dream work. There is no limit, you get to decide what you want to create in your life!

In this course you will get each week a new 10 minutes pleasure pratice (yes, all you need is to gift yourself 10 minutes of pleasure each day - and I know you will love to make the time for this practices).

And the juicy bonus is - in February 2023 I will offer 2 LIVE sex magic rituals

So here is the summary:

Join me for the Sex Magic Pleasure & Abundance Party

💸 1 full month dedicated to your pleasure to manifest the magic for 2023

💸 A new 10 minute practice every single week to deepen in your practice.

💸 New supportive practices every week

💸 Private Facebook Gruop for sharing and celebrating your wins
💸 JUICY BONUS - there is a LIVE ritual with me in March

Course plan

Week 1
Week 2
Breast Massage
Supportive Practice - Emotional Release Tools
Week 3
Magnetic Pleasure
Supportive Practice
Week 4
Sex Magic
Supportive Practice
Live Session