Get the WOW effect for your home or office:
Elke's Design on your wall as a Photoshop simulation

Do you have a wall at home or at work that could really do with a new look? With a design from Elke's Collections in your desired colors, you can quickly and easily transform any room and reap many a "WOW!" from visitors ...

It's very simple:

  1. take several (cell phone) photos of the wall you want to design
  2. choose your favorite design from Elke's collections at
    (in consultation, 2 color variations or 2 different designs are possible depending on the effort of retouching with your photo)
  3. send the design name (or a screenshot of it) and the photos of your wall in maximum resolution to
  4. you will then receive a Photoshop simulation as shown in the three examples as JPEG files to your e-mail address. The simulation will show you exactly how the wall or room will look with your customized wallpaper from Elke!
    (The wallpaper is of course not included in this offer).
If you need help or have any further questions, simply send them to mail@crossoverdesign.deꟷwe will be happy to help you at any time.

Dr. Elke Wagner is an international award-winning designer. She has developed her unique style over twenty years working as a color designer on the facades of thousands of buildings, studying product and textile design and influenced by her earlier time studying for a PhD in science.
Each of her designs reflects the connection between mathematics and nature, bringing beauty and joy to people through huge, colorful, ornamental works of art. Her designs are brought to life through gorgeous wallpapers and rugs. Last but not least, Elke spreads knowledge about beauty in design through her Elkes Design Talks.