CFDEM®coupling Online Course

Fixed Start Date - 18.9.2023

Course Goals

  • General introduction (e.g. first CFD simulations, drag modelling, coupled CFD-DEM)
  • Learn to use Open Source CFD for specific purposes
  • Getting started with CFDEM®coupling (CFD-DEM) (e.g. structure of a coupled simulation, available models, running & postprocessing a simulation)
  • Basic material calibration (find correct model parameters for a material)
  • Introduction to fluid-particle heat transfer

Course Content

  • What is CFDEM®coupling

  • Theory CFD-DEM

  • My first CFD simulation

  • Unresolved CFD-DEM

  • Calibration - Matching experiment & model

  • Unresolved CFD-DEM using non-spherical particles

  • Resolved CFD-DEM

  • Fluid-Particle heat transfer

  • Drag Modelling with Aspherix® and CFDEM®coupling

  • Bonus: Demonstration of a CFD-DEM case set-up with HELYX®-OS

Additional Benefits

  • Active forum during the first 2 weeks of the training
  • Live Video Group Q&A
  • Software access: 4 weeks access to a ready-to-use virtual Amazon workspace

Course plan

CFDEM®coupling Online Course