Aspherix® Online Course

Fixed Start Date - 18.9.2023

Course Goals

  • Learning the basics of numerical particle simulations with the "Discrete Element Method" (DEM)
  • Overview of the theory of contact models, timestep restrictions, material calibration, etc.
  • Learn to use Aspherix® via GUI and command line
  • Postprocessing of Aspherix® simulations
  • Usage of functionalities such as coarsegraining, nonspherical particles, 6dof mesh solvers
    one-way coupling with transient flow fields and drag modelling in general
  • Basic material calibration: find correct model parameters for a material
  • Participants learn to extend Aspherix® via the API

Course Content

  • Theory Granular Materials

  • Theory DEM

  • How to access and use AWS Workspaces

  • Structure of a simulation case

  • The effect of Coarsegraining

  • Using a 6dof solver

  • Simulation of nonspherical particles

  • One-way coupling with transient flow fields

  • Aspherix® Solver API

  • Aspherix® Solver loops and variables

  • Bonus: Drag modelling with with Aspherix® and CFDEM®coupling

Additional Benefits

  • Active forum during the first 2 weeks of the training
  • Live Video Group Q&A
  • Software access: 4 weeks access to a ready-to-use virtual workspace

Course plan

Aspherix® Online Course