The most important points for diagnosis and therapy
Peter Rosin

In this tutorial Peter Rosin shows you directly on the horse how to find the most important acupuncture points of the 12 meridians, the trigger points, the master points, the shu and alarm points, the ting points and the herpes diagnosis points quickly and safely.
We will first show you overviews of each point group with a brief description of the background and use. Then follow short video demos with all techniques and tricks for the safe localization of the respective points. For beginners of horse acupuncture, but also for all those who are always unsure whether they have actually met their acupuncture point.

The tutorial will be made available to you online as a streaming video collection in your Elopage customer account.

  1. The Acupuncture points of the 12 meridians
  2. The Master Points
  3. The Trigger points
  4. The Alarm points
  5. The Ting points
  6. The Herpes diagnosis points
  7. The Shu points
Category: Veterinary Acupuncture

Content: Demos of over 130 points on the horse incl. 20 overview graphics

Course time: approx. 1 h

Trainer: Veterinarian Peter Rosin