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Photobiomodulation therapy can be used in dentistry for a wide range of indications. Photobiomodulation (PBM) or laser therapy can regenerate mesenchymal stem cells to form interpapillary spaces and secondary dentin. It can promote bone regeneration and supports all maxillofacial surgery procedures with its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. PBM promotes healing of gingivitis and can prevent or control mucositis.

The course covers the full treatment spectrum of photobiomodulation therapy in dentistry. This includes areas of use or indications such as anesthesia, aphthae, bone regeneration, edema, nerve injury, soft tissue management, among others.

Target group

The course is designed for dentists, dental hygienists, dental naturopaths and MTAs.

Course structure and length
The course consists of 4 video modules of a total duration of 3.5 h.
  • Part 1 and 2 Clinical applications of PBM in dental science (1,5 h)
  • Part 3 and 4 Applications of PBM in oral and cranio-facial pain (2 h).
The course is accompanied by a script that you can download from your account.

You will learn about the mechanisms of action of photobiomodulation in the subcellular and tissue domains and will be able to assess its potential for use in dentistry and in the associated field of ENT. You will recognize the important role of PBM in your daily practice.

You will receive the certificate Phototherapy in Dentistry (COLLL).
After you have participated in the course, the certificate is available in your download area.

Prof. Dr. med. dent. Chandrashekar Yavagal

Shekar is a professor and post graduate guide at the MMNGH Institute of Dental Sciences, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka, India.

He is a post doctoral research scholar and the director of Laser Biophotonics & Oral Applications at the YHF Laser Institute, Karnataka, India.

In addition, he is a clinician who uses laser therapy daily in his practice.

Course completation
If you complete the course with the exam within one year, you will receive your certificate. The course itself will be available to you for longer.