In this course, we will be exploring the principles of behavior analysis. However, this isn't your "typical" behavior analysis course. Our goal is to translate important concepts from behavior analysis so that they are easy to understand and to explore how these principles relate directly to animal training. We'll also share all sorts of extra facts and ideas that you would never find in a textbook!

Each course episode consists of an audio conversation, in which we explore a particular principle or idea related to behavior analysis. In addition, on each page you'll find some bonus materials for each episode, including activities, related web links, video clips, and other resources.

Your guides for this course will be Alexandra Kurland, Dominique Day, and Mary Hunter. We hope you will sign up and join us on an exciting journey as we explore the connections between behavior analysis and animal training. 

Course plan

Unit 1: What is Behavior Analysis?
Unit 2: From Aristotle to B. F. Skinner
Unit 3: Reinforcement and the Quadrants
Unit 4: The Quadrants in the Real World
Unit 5: The Premack Principle
Unit 6: Reinforcement Effectiveness