Prepare, draft, and revise your research article manuscript THIS SUMMER.

Online course for scientists.

The course assists you with information, support & feedback:
  • videos & texts with all the relevant information from how to create a research article’s storyline and select a journal to effective communication with co-authors and detailed step-by-step revision instruction
  • guidance in structuring the whole writing process to get organized and achieve optimal writing productivity
  • facilitation of peer support among the participants including for additional motivation, support and reciprocal text feedback
  • two moderated peer-feedback sessions to learn & practice effective text feedback

Registration deadline: July 01, 2024.

Course plan

Preparation 1: Audience, journal & storyline
Preparation 2: Writing tips & strategies
Preparation 3: Do's & don'ts of writing each section
Preparation 4: Getting ready for drafting
Revision checklist
Revisions I: Content
Revisions II: Macrostructure
Revisions III: Microstructure
Revisions IV: Language & style
Publication processes
Peer feedback training
External resources
Your feedback during the course