Pyramidal Salutogenesis

...the marriage of 2 models made tangible
...a three-week training to experience, personally develop and pass on!
You want to give your life a new direction?
You are on the verge of a bore- or burn-out?
Perhaps you are suffering from a serious illness and would like to take a turn towards health?
You have been interested in the model of salutogenesis for a long time, but have not yet found the right approach?
You know the (Neuro)Logical Levels according to Dilts and are interested in experiencing them in combination with Salutogenesis?
You simply want to develop yourself personally?

Then treat yourself to this training. It will help you to realign your life and come into your power.

What awaits you?

In the first chapter we are giving you an introduction to the models of
Salutogenesis according to Antonovsky and the (neuro)Logical Levels according to Dilts. After that we will start a 3-week course in which you will experience the 3 factors of salutogenesis in connection with the levels of the pyramid. You will examine your life to see how the levels are interdependent and what you can do in your life to become healthier and happier.
Every day you will receive input and exercises that will inspire you but also make you think and rethink. After this period you will know what went "wrong" in your life and you will be able to correct the mistakes you made and forge new paths.

Course plan

Week 1 - Manageability
Week 2 - Comprehensibility
Week 3 - Meaningfulness
Final Words
Your Feedback