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Qigong - An Overview

Qigong is a way of being.  Being soft, yet strong. 
Qigong is a way of breathing. Breathing deeply, yet calmly. 
Qigong is a way of standing. Alert, yet relaxed.

Nigel Mills

If you want to practice qigong, please be mindful of your body's limits. In particular for exercises that put your arms above your head, be aware of your body's signals. If you're just out of surgery, stay below the pain threshold. You can always just hint at the movement or practice while seated, depending on your overall state. Talk to your doctor, if you're unsure and listen to your body.

You will notice after a while that the movements will flow more smoothly and that you remember the different motions. That is when you can focus on deepening your breath. You should never feel short of breath. The deeper and slower you breathe, the more oxygen will be pulled into your body, which in turn supports your recovery. Tumor cells detest oxygen!

Have fun practicing the qigong movements.
Let the Qi flow!