Prognosis - Yes or No?

This is a very controversial issue. Of course, patients have a right to know what their prognosis is. But why would you want one? Is it really useful? What are the pros and cons of having a prognosis? There is a lot to consider before your client should ask for one.

In the following video we will address this topic in much detail.  We at TBAcare have our own reasoned opinion on this - what is yours and your client's?


In order to prepare for this conversation with your client, make a list of different factors and aspects that could come up. As always, no single opinion is correct, it always depends on the client and we are "reality waiters" - meaning that the client can listen to our offered perspectives and ideas, but it is up to the client to decide and choose which reality or truth he/she wants to accept.

It might help to talk to your family or friends about this, to get a feel for the different views and arguments. Keep also in mind that changing an opinion is valid.