Special: Your Final Assignment

Your Final Assignment

It wouldn't be quite right to hand out certificates of a training course without having a set of criteria that needs to be met before that. In this short video, Leo explains what we expect from you and what the requirements are to receive your certificate.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us so that you feel confident and comfortable.


Here's a list of the requirements. This can also be found in the handbook:

 Active participation in 12 webinars minimum
 Sending in answers to follow-up questions for a minimum of 18 webinars of your choosing 
 Passing all quizzes on elopage at the end of each phase
 Sending in a video recording of a coaching session held by you and a client (can be a friend, 'real' client, another participant of this course)
 Feedback discussion for that video with you and your instructor