Dealing with Cancer in (potentially) 6 Phases

Dealing with cancer in (potentially) 6 phases

When cancer becomes a potential reality in a client's life, they are about to enter a period full of emotions and anxieties. We at TBAcare have defined 6 distinct phases that roughly follow that period in a chronological order. They make up a potential cancer journey. 

You might have noticed these six phases in the table of contents on the left-hand side.

In an ideal world, psycho-oncological coaching would already be a part from the beginning, the suspicion phase. This would help cancer patients and their relatives to better cope with arising fears, anxieties and nightmare scenarios. It would also prepare them better for what is still to come in the next phases. Unfortunately, people rarely avail themselves of such coaching at such an early stage.

The following video explains these different phases in more detail and also shows which questions are most relevant in each phase.

As a future cancer coach, you will learn about each phase in this training course and receive a lot of ideas and impulses, a multitude of tools and methods and the knowledge of how to apply them in your coaching sessions.

Suspicion Phase
Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Phase
Treatment/Therapy Phase
Remission Phase

Cancer Recurrence Phase

Confronting Mortality