Music from the stars to relax & remember

Chakras in the play of the planets album 1
for vitality & life energy
from Marco Enrique

Invest in yourself and relax with "Cosmic Healing Music". The sound and frequency of Cosmic Healing Music touches and affects every cell in your body. Just as you can tune a musical instrument, the vibration of the sound can harmonize the disharmony and discomfort in your body. Your energy system will be strengthened and you will be able to deal with daily life in a powerful, relaxed and balanced way.

Is to
meditate, heal, balance, relax and activate your life energy. This music can also be heard in the background and let it work.
With this music you will be reminded of your original cosmic vibrational essence.

If your chakras are not balanced, you will feel angry, weak and listless, lack of motivation, unpleasant life, no initiative, we will often be tired and limp.
If your chakras are in a balanced state, you will feel good and full of energy, have a positive body and attitude towards life, life is full of fun and we become flexible and full of energy.
Our chakras are the connecting gates between our physical and energetic bodies.

Scientifically, the nerve plexuses at each chakra in the physical body are connected to corresponding glands and organs, which are activated by these sounds.

1 EARTH DAY / Root Chakra

Mond / Sacralchakra

Sonne / Solar plexus

1 EARTH YEAR / Heart Chakra

Mercury / Throat Chakra

Venus / Third Eye-Front Chakra

platonic earth year / crown chakra

- "I am - You are - It is - We are - Eternal dancing being in love - opening - joy - everlasting new beginning - meditation - chakra - healing sounds according to the planetary frequencies -quantum healing - light sound healing - deep relaxation - activate and feel the pure source energy in YOU - pure Christ consciousness - transformation - crystalline energy - clarity - peace - purity - loving space Arrived - Accepted - Thank you ...... "

...these are terms which came to me while listening to this universal chakra music.
- "pure self-awareness inspiration".
- "For me the almost perfect music experience"

Marco Enrique

Marco Enrique is a musician, artist, composer, synesthete, and current earth shifter:

"When I am in resonance with the cosmic frequencies of the planets, I feel a secure and pleasant warmth like sun rays"

"Music... Is the truest language for me"

Marco Enrique composes these music pieces with the planetary tones, according to their tempo and frequencies and also uses their frequencies for chakra healing. As a synesthete, he has the ability to perceive music through colors.