STABILO x Snooze One: Aqua Pack

Disover and expand your watercolor brush palette in iOS Procreate now with the STABILO x Snooze One: Aqua Pack. 

With the STABILO x Snooze One: Aqua Pack you have a wide-ranging toolbox you can use to create digital watercolor! Use the iOS Procreate app on your iPad or iPhone to create your own watercolor designs really easily. Be inspired and design creative motifs like floral watercolor pictures, urban watercoloring, watercolor hand lettering, and much more. 

The STABILO x Snooze One: Aqua Pack contains:
18 watercolor brushes: for a wide selection of wet and dry brush tips for super-realistic watercolor effects
5 texture brushes: design your motif with watercolor textures, details and washes for exceptional results by applying pressure on the Apple Pencil or repositioning the pen
13 stamp brushes: for uniquely creative motifs with automatic size options and directions. Stamp individual drops and speckles of color onto your design
5 big stamp brushes: to create unique watercolor backgrounds. Combine and overlay the various stamps for beautiful watercolor compositions
2 STABILO pens as digital brushes: discover the unique features of the two-color STABILO woody 3 in 1 duo Procreate Brush and the STABILOaquacolor Procreate Brush
3 blending brushes: paint in watercolor and blend your painted areas and lines with the neutral, colorless water tank brushes, and paint the colors on for natural watercolor blending
4 paper brushes: the paper brushes brink your artwork to life by making it look like it’s painted on real paper
11 backgrounds: the backgrounds imitate structured paper surfaces (among others) for realistic watercolor designs
13 color palettes: get straight into your artwork with the exclusively selected and carefully matched colors for your watercolor motifs
Tutorials and inspiration: easy setup with PDF instructions on the installation and use of the brushes, and worksheets for watercolor motifs on!

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Personal License: The assets can be used for non-commercial projects.
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