✏️❤️ Visual Emotion Training + Storytelling BONUS

Have you ever tried to express your emotions in a cup of coffee? Sounds crazy, but it works!

In this training, which lasts for about an hour, you will learn how to better understand and express emotions through the power of visuals.

We will explore various techniques and tools that will help you integrate emotions into hand drawn visuals.

Whether you are a Graphic Recorder, Sketchnoter or simply someone interested in emotions and their expression, this training is tailored for you.

Let me inspire you and discover new ways to express emotions in symbols and metaphors!

  • It's for Beginners als well as for Professionals!
  • Full practice - draw along with me
  • One video - in 56 min. you get a complete upgrade + Bonuses
All you need are two sheets of paper and 1-3 markers!

BONUS 1: we will use the skills directly in a little Storytelling Exercise
BONUS 2: Online Gallery with lots of examples from students from all over the world

Run time: 0:56 min

Visual Emotions Training
BONUS: Storytelling Exercise

BONUS: Online Gallery with many examples form students all over the world

Course plan

Visual Emotions Training + BONUSES