⭐️ Five Star Flipchart Finesse for Trainers, Consultants ans Coaches!

Would you love to upgrade your presentation skills and stand out from your competitors?
Would you:

  • Learn how to design flipcharts that get your messages across and captivate your audience?

  • Engage your listeners with visual aids and make complex topics simple and understandable?

  • Stand out from the competition and impress your clients with compelling flipcharts?

  • Gain a valuable skill that will benefit your career as a trainer, consultant, or coach?
And all of the above with your individual style and presentation skills?

Then you should think about getting individual coaching & mentoring.

Of course you can learn everything of the above yourself: read books, spend some years learning through practice, learn from successes and failures and at some time in the future you will master in in your skills. This is definitely an option!

But how about you take the short cut and get hands-on knowledge from someone who's been teaching since over 13 Years over 10.000 students worldwide!

So - if you want to bridge the gap and take rather the short-cut to your own individual & personal questions - a 1:1 virtual Flipchart Training is the right option for YOU!

This is what you get:

  • 4 x 60min of full attention (+ 10min for setting up the tech)
  • Personal expertise form over 10 years of experience
  • Practical tasks & guides for the next steps
  • Whatsapp or Telegram Support throughout the whole time
  • A recording of the sessions (if wanted)

Here's how it works

  • You book your 4 individual & personal 60 min. Flipchart Sessions here on the platform
  • After buying the session you will be forwarded to Calendly, a tool with which you can book your personal timeslot
  • You'll directly receive a Zoom link for the live session & a few questions beforehand so that we can directly dive into the topic
  • You are ready to go and we meet in the virtual space at the time that you picked
  • I'll be in the studio with cameras, materials, books and lots of tips

Unsure if this is something for you?

Let's hop on a (free) 15min Call and talk about your aims and goals: https://bit.ly/call-benjamin-felis

Looking forward to help you!

Questions? Here's the FAQ:

Do I need to prepare for the session?

- To get the most out of the session you should send me a brief overview on your questions and your goals. Please also include examples of your work. I'll prepare each session so that we can dive directly into your topics & themes.

What if I'm late?

- The session starts directly at the chosen time slot. Of course - due to setting up and getting all the tech properly running I always plan 10min. more. Once we officially start the timer is running :)

What if I can't make it?

- You can cancel or postpone the session up to 24 hours in advance. Shorter than that the fee applies.

What If i'm not satisfied?

- If you are not 100% satisfied and let me know the reasons I will refund you directly.