Hi, my name is Ben - welcome the the "Online School for Graphic Recording"!

Did you know that that visualizing is not about academic art all? It's mainly about spicing up your communication with a few simple visual elements.

I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing about being able to draw needs having an artistic talent, and while that can be helpful, I’m going to share loads of tips with you in these classes that’s going to revolutionize the way you thought about drawing or illustrating before.

So what is the secret to this being able to draw spontaneously?

It’s having a system of tips & tricks and knowing what comes after the other.

The big idea here is that of in this classes you get first hand experience from 10 years of teaching people from all kinds of professions and positions.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

“It’s still impossible for me..”

Well the tricky thing is that you need just to know where to start and work with a few simple guides and systems.

 As an Graphic Recorder & Visualization Teacher with a 10 year experience who has taught this hundreds of times and improved this concept over and over in the last decade, I’ve created this system for people like you.

Because I know from the feedback of hundreds of students: it simply works. 

I can’t wait to see inside the classes!



I'm a former graffiti artist and work as a full time graphic recorder & illustrator since 2013.
I teach creative visualization techniques for over 10 years and by now have worked in over 15 countries in Europe, South America and Africa.

I'm trained in:

  • Graphic Recording
  • Visual facilitation
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Visual Presencing (Theory U)
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Organizational Development

In the last years I taught thousands of students worldwide an now want to share all the knowledge online.

Happy to have YOU in the school here:)



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David Hillmer, Agile Coach/Hello Agile
Benjamin Felis' online course "Communicate with visuals-your new superpower!" has exceeded my expectations. It is easy to understand, very well structured and leaves plenty of time to participate and move on. Clear recommendation.
Birgit Reinhardt, Change Manager / Coach Agility Instructor
I really liked the program. It's well structured and you've explained and shown everything in an understandable way. I believe that even beginners can really start with this. I found the lesson on composition particularly successful as a conclusion! I really enjoyed following
Anke Wolf, Coaching & Consulting
Great online course about visualization! Visualization techniques are well explained and shown. I learned a lot. Thank you Ben!
Githa Rasmussen, Communication & Coaching
...I bought your online course for tablets as I have been “struggling” for some time to work on the iPad. I have been through all the videos once and already learned a lot. They hit exactly my level of knowledge: I know a little but need the fundamental tools and understanding instead of only learning by doing. Having
Martine Vanremoortele, Graphic facilitation - Visual Harvesting - Process Design
love the way you organized the content. And the way you showed the app with analog tools is fun and refreshing :-) Great work on the structure of the training, clear explanations and a useful handout.
Gemma Jones, Facilitating Operational Excellence | Thinking Lean | Coaching for High Performance
I really like the way you split the detail up, with short videos and the handout. It is all really clear and nicely done.
Ralph van Raaij, Graphic Facilitator, Consultant, Information Manager
You explain things very well and easy to follow! I really liked watching the videos. The exercise (superhero) helped me a lot! My first live digital recording!

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