An introduction to fundraising for beginners, career changers, and everybody who wants to know what fundraising actually means and who wants to learn how to plan and implement strategic fundraising activities.  

What we offer: 
A highly professional fundraising is a must in the non-profit sector. Only this way NGOs and foundations can ensure that they will reliably have the means to implement their projects, their goals, and their mission in the long run.
The Corona crisis, declining donations, the ever-growing competition among NGOs, and the disappearing of public support make it necessary to be able to raise funds outside of the traditional channels. Many times the interest rates and membership fees are not sufficient anymore to ensure the successful implementation of projects. Thus, many organizations decide to start fundraising. The institutional readiness as well as the right mix are key factors that determine the success to link donors to the organization in the long term.
This online course is an introduction to fundraising for newcomers, career changes, volunteers, and anybody who wants to understand fundraising in its context and complexity.


  • What is Fundraising?
  • Who should fundraise?
  • Fundraising Trends
  • Donation or Sponsoring?
  • The paradigm shift in Fundraising
  • Institutional Readiness

The lectures of this online course teach in a very hands-on approach to the basics and the administrative requirements to start fundraising quickly and successfully as well as the most important success factors in fundraising. The participants will learn how to use the current trends in fundraising best to find new target groups. Furthermore, we talk about the connection of fundraising, communications, and public relations.

Your benefit

You will get a hands-on lesson about fundraising. Our way of presenting the material makes it easy for you, to understand the complex topic from the get-go.

Who should take this online course:

Fundraising and PR officers, management, board members (full-time and honorary), donors, volunteers who are interested in fundraising, consultants, career changers.

Your instructor 

Dr. Eva Wieners is an international fundraiser. She shares her knowledge from more than ten years in international fundraising. She has lived and worked in Europe, South America, and Asia and collaborated with organizations of different sizes. Her focus was on development, humanitarian aid, and agriculture. Since 2018 Dr. Wieners works as a trainer and consultant for fundraising and project management in Germany and in international contexts. Her specialty is online fundraising, crowdfunding, organizational development, sustainability, PR, and social media in fundraising.

Join us and make the first step to become a professional fundraiser and to make your fundraising more successful. We are looking forward to working with you.