Welcome to the "Fit by Intuition" Starter Program!

Do you have fibromyalgia or another similar chronic condition, and do you want to refuel your (life) strength, so that you can experience a higher level of agility, energy, and above all, quality of life in your everyday? I'm thrilled that you're here!

My name is Kerstin, and I've been a fitness coach for over 25 years. I know firsthand how challenging it can be to engage in physical activity when we're dealing with pain and exhaustion. In 2019, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia myself, so I truly understand what you're going through. I want you to be able to live your life the way you desire. That's why I've developed this 30-day Starter Program specifically for people like you.

With my "Fit by Intuition"-programs, I'm here to help you gradually rebuild fitness, strength, and, consequently, joy in life step by step. Because that's how you can truly enjoy everyday life so much better!

"Fit by Intuition" tailors itself to your individual needs and starts off quite simply: with just ONE exercise per day, each lasting only 1 minute. The "Fit by Intuition" Starter Program is your introduction to the "Fit by Intuition" training series, designed for people with fibromyalgia and other similar chronic conditions or situations. The daily mini-exercises included in it will help you generate new strength and rediscover the joy of movement. All you need to start is just one minute a day. In 30 days, towards a new, lighter daily life with more activities of joy.

You'll see that with my "Fit by Intuition" Starter Program, you effortlessly achieve an initial level of physical fitness in 30 days. This will allow you to tackle your daily routine with much more ease, laying the optimal foundation to gradually recharge with more energy and reclaim your agility in your everyday life.

Who is the "Fit by Intuition" Starter Program for?

This program is for you if ...

  • You have fibromyalgia or a similar chronic condition and want to experience joy in movement again.
  • You want to recharge after surgery, prolonged illness, or other challenging situations to achieve a higher quality of life in your daily routine.
  • You haven't engaged in regular physical activity for a long time and now want to restart with sustainable training.
  • Participating in other forms of exercise or feeling exhausted and in pain after exercising leaves you sore or fatigued due to overexertion.
  • You want to move more again, but without experiencing further or additional pain.
Do you find yourself in these descriptions? Then the "Fit by Intuition" Starter Program is the perfect fit for you!

Who is this program not suitable for?

The "Fit by Intuition" Starter Program is not suitable for you if ...

  • You neither have fibromyalgia nor another chronic condition or similar challenging situation.
  • You're already actively engaged in sports and find it easy to exercise regularly.
In such cases, you're warmly welcomed to explore one of my
OTHER training programs.

Here's what awaits you within the 30-day Starter Program:

  • Every day, you'll receive an email from me that not only includes the daily 1-minute exercise but also offers additional tips and inspirations for your training.
  • To access the "Fit by Intuition" Starter Program, all the videos are available for you on the Elopage Online Course Portal. There, you'll have access to all exercise clips gradually unlocked over time, and they'll remain at your disposal for a total of 12 months, allowing you to repeat them as often as you'd like.
  • Consistent motivation and inspiration to help you stay committed to your new exercise habits.
The "Fit by Intuition" Starter Program encompasses simple exercises from Pilates, stretching, and strength-endurance training. As your trainer, I prioritize proper form and effective guidance. If at any point you're unsure about your training, I'm just an email away. My ultimate goal is to reignite your joy for movement and exercise through the "Fit by Intuition" programs, leading to a positive transformation in your everyday life.

Enrol now for the 30-day Starter Program, free of charge, and embark on your journey to a fitter and healthier body!

I'm looking forward to having you onboard :)

See you soon for your first 1-minute-workout,

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