There is no one right piece of equipment for everyone!
And that's why it is first important to find out with which you will get perfect and above all reproducible results.

The photo technology is at most half the battle!
Archiving the images is at least as important as the recording. Only those who know what they are photographing for and can use them later can stay on the ball!

These are two central topics in this compact course: What do I really need? What are the benefits of my documentation and work?
One thing in advance: From many years of practical experience, I will show you, your team, your dental photography representative what "reducing to the optimum" means!

We deal in detail with the following points, for this it would be ideal if each participant participates with his currently available camera:

- The right equipment for the respective requirement
- Basics of photography
- The analytical photo status
- Image composition and design
- photography accompanying the treatment
- the image management

After successful registration and payment, each participant will receive a link to watch the online course on-demand for one month.

You advantage in this On-Demand course is to Play, stop and repeat to your speed and time.

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Course plan

Dental photography compact course 2,5h on demand training
This is what we are talking about in 2,5h lecture
Some Preview-Slides of the webinar