Holistic treatments for body, beauty and mental health & wealth

How about having your private wellness therapist during your vacation time ?
What contribution could it be for you and your family to have someone with you to provide holistic relaxation, raise awareness, harmony and vibration, and make bodies and faces glow ?

Energetic treatments to stress-relief, deep relaxation, raise your vibration and mood, and help your vibrant, living beauty blossom

Holistic private therapist I 3 Hammer-Sessions Detox Vitalization Activation

Tanija Hammer with her Hammer-Sessions

Tanija has a large repartioire of self-created sessions = Hammer-Sessions and body processes and treatments of Access Consciousness like the Bars or Energetic Facelift. She is also a Resosense trainer.


Tanija adds 1-3 sessions per day depending on the number of people
She requires her own room on site and catering.

Living Space / Property

Tanija prefers to work in energetically clear and carrying properties.
We are happy to check if the living space is suitable.

You want to certify your property regarding the vibration and the energy level of the living space.
The check this out: Institute for Vibrations: Awards for Real Estate


Price per day: 1.111 Euro
Week price: 5.555 Euro
Minimum duration: 3 days