For many, learning Modern Greek grammar is an endless journey through a labyrinth of declensions, conjugations and exceptions. It is almost like climbing Mount Olympus on all fours. But even the most difficult ascent of the mountain beckons with breathtaking views and the feeling of having made it. It is the same with language learning. Only those who devote themselves to a language with heart and soul, are prepared to take the long path and still have the ambition to climb to the top, will definitely get to see it.

Efsaia Gioroglou and Sandra Mwamba have created this work together, which is intended to introduce the Greek learner to the language in realistic dialogues. It is not a standard work of Greek grammar, but rather focuses on the use of the language as a whole. The book contains dialogues in Greek with English translations on a wide variety of topics. In this way, the language can be internalised in its naturalness and in its frequently used expressions through simple reading. In addition, the two authors provide interesting and helpful insights into Greek life. Real locations, taverns, churches, villages and people are brought to life. There is feasting, shopping, travelling, bathing and even "black" driving. Hardly anything remains thematically undiscovered for the reader on his imaginative journey to Greece. A helpful and useful book, fascinating in its way.

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