R-Simple has everything it needs, money management, it is very fast in calculation although it is a complex new algorithm and it is always customizable.
We thought about selling the program to other people we already know and trust,
so that we can find the best roulette tables and gain the maximum and do not attract attention.

It's really very simple, it also depends on the dealer, when you change dealers you have to reset the programme and then you can continue playing again.
The programme calculates the ball landing again and learns independently. You make the correction if the ball does not land in the theoretically calculated sector.

example: the programme calculates the upper sector with the zero 0, but the ball lands further to the right in the sector with the number 17.25, then we set the correction to the sector 17 so the programme learns and adapts to the deviation. the other controller is responsible for the play and the scatter. If the spread is too large, the sector is enlarged a little, which of course also adjusts the money management.

The result is unbeatable.

The sale is limited

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