It is very easy to use. Give your play style an edge. Over 10 years of experience with online roulette. Many systems and strategies tested and evaluated. Proven for work. Comes with a long term strategy for online roulette. All algorithms, systems and betting styles are explained. There is no such thing as a 100% guaranteed profit system, but with Pyramid you can increase your profits and build up a cash flow.

You may be wondering what kind of systems I have tried in the past. I think probably more than 100 systems with different settings, almost all of them just failed. A few are relatively good and will be developed further by me and my team. Some of them survived a little longer, but still lost money. Why? In order to become a profitable and successful online roulette player, you need to combine several things. The best of art tracking, pyramid analysis and prediction, finely tuned money management, long term strategy, fair roulette in casinos. Over the past 10 years we've scoured the internet pretty hard looking for all sorts of roulette systems. So far I haven't found an app, system, or strategy that is comparable to Pyramid. There is nothing better for online roulette that can produce such great, sensible, sustainable and verifiable results. Pyramid algorithms look for RNG results.

After the pyramid has been adjusted by the user to the flow of numbers used Pyramid in combination with the numbers of the family pattern and dynamically adapts the predictions with each spin. All predictions are always based on the statistics and probability currently generated by online roulette. Play different approaches in Pyramid. The program includes several different prediction methods, by color and there are different ways to play. You can also define areas for these methods to allow maximum flexibility for possible system tests. You also don't lose track of things. Extremely stable results The predicted numbers meet very, very often, and even if there are some major drawdowns, Pyramid gives you a pretty good chance of coming back, bouncing back, and making money again. Combined with a long-term strategy, fair roulette makes it almost unbeatable. The system was developed together with a team of online roulette players. We have combined our strengths, our knowledge and our experience with systems for online roulette and random number generators and, with the Pyramid, we have developed the best tool to date for analyzing the sequence of numbers and providing predictions for online roulette.
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