Free tools for every beer lover

In addition to courses on beer knowledge at prices that everyone can afford, there is also free support from Bierlieberei that can help you with your beer journey. In addition to the well-known free beer online course Bierlieberei Bronze, there is also a template for your tasting notes and a free e-book about 50 German beers that you should have drunk. 

Bierliebhaberei Bronze 
Free online course on beer knowledge. At the end there is a certificate. 

Tasting Notes 
Template for all tasting notes for your beer tastings.

Free e-book "50 German beers for real beer lovers"
The e-book with 50 beers from Germany that you should have drunk.

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A warm-hearted welcome! 
Discover the variety of beers and learn everything about the different flavors and areas of application.

I'm Bjorn Buresch. A beer sommelier from Munich. As a certified beer sommelier and trained chef, taste is of course particularly important to me. I have researched a lot about the process of making and tasting beer. I got to know the exciting world of beer diversity and created great courses that bring you closer to the world of beer.

Did you know that there are more than 2,000 flavors in beer and we have more than 150 different beer styles?

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