The main 3 beer courses  

Bierliebhaberei Bronze
Your beginning of beer love - free beer course 

Bierliebhaberei Silver
All the basics of the brewing process and the history of beer

Bierliebhaberei Gold
Very much know how about beer
   What the courses offer  

Beer sommelier Björn Buresch shows you everything about the variety of beer in videos on all topics. In addition to the videos, you will receive handouts and at the end of each level you will have the opportunity to take a quiz and receive your own Bierliebhaberei certificate.  

What are the ingredients in beer? And how is a beer made from these ingredients? In all courses, you will learn about the typical ingredients in beer and how a beer is made from them.  

Time & Cost
Manage your own time and pace yourself. If you need a break, you can just take it. Or you want to go through the courses quickly. Of course, this is also possible. The courses are designed to share with you all the basics about enjoying beer in a short time.

After passing the Bierliebhaberei Gold Course, you can dive into the Bierliebhaberei Community. Here you can exchange ideas with like-minded people and benefit from discounts.
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Bierliebhaberei Silver (english)
Bierliebhaberei Gold (english)

Food Pairing 
Coming soon: The ultimate online course on food pairing  

The online course on food pairing will broaden your horizons on the subject of beer in combination. Learn in the course what food pairing means, how to use it best and a lot about beautiful classic food pairings.  
I have been thinking for some time whether I should become a beer sommelier, and in addition to the time required, the costs of the beer sommelier also play a role. With the online course of beer lovers I could take a first step without having to dig deep into my pocket. Björn nevertheless imparts a great deal of basic
I never had the time for a beer sommelier course, but wanted to learn a little more about beer. I had already learned quite a bit from books. The courses of beer lovers have helped me a lot & have taught me some new things.

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