Focus Class: CAT Study

English drawing class with English subtitles
LIFETIME access to the replay of the Cat Drawing Live Call, cut into digestible drawing lessons.
(5 of the 18 videos were part of the Monthly Live Calls)

You'll learn:
- essential basics about cats & their proportions

- step by step tips & tricks how to draw different cat breeds and define their typical characteristics

- how to capture typical poses and movements

+ bonus material to make you sketch cats with ease

"I absolutely loved this class! It's extremely simple and easy to follow the steps given, it really gives you a general study of how to draw a cat!"
Haoze D.

"Outstanding class!!! Easy to follow and the cats are so cute. You won't even need to clean the litter box afterwards :)"
Haoze D.

"The teacher is great and engaging. I was looking for a class to help me learn to draw cats! This class was pur-fect! I learned the body shape and different styles of the cat. This is a great class."
Jessie V.