The time has come to end the EMPTINESS.

Once you brought yourself to this material world to discover all the wonders that are possible here.... remember?
You came here to realize the divinity within your INNER ... can you remember that?

However, in order to begin your journey into duality, your soul only anchored itself to a fraction in your wonderful body. This decision was necessary in order to leave you enough space to even be able to have all the important experiences that you had set out to have.

NOW, however, YOUR TIME has come to flow COMPLETELY INTO YOURSELF!
NOW is YOUR TIME to change past choices and to clear your body.

Since your birth, you have carried the light of your soul within you - irrevocably - in every single nucleus of your wonderful body. Look back here in this journey on your life - on your life path so far - and recognize its many gifts for you. With each of your steps, its light accompanied you like a divine beacon in your cells.

If your soul had fully flowed into you then, before you were born, you would never have had all these important experiences.
You would never have been able to experience joy and sadness. The feeling that made you go in search of yourself would never have come into being.

NOW is the TIME to end this space of SEPARATION within you!
DECEIVE YOURSELF anew - and INVITE YOUR SOUL to completely fill your glorious body NOW.
Invite it to completely infuse your cells and carry YOUR QUALITIES THROUGH YOU into the material WORLD. Completely!


REMEMBER YOU! Wake up from your dream and recognize the magic of creation WITHIN you.

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Duration: 41 minutes
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