The work in TROT - useful rather than artificial
6 chapters about the TROT

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After we have already covered the walk and canter in detail as an online course, the last of the 3 basic gaits now follows - the TROT! An incredibly high value is placed on the trot these days - does it deserve it? What does useful work in the trot look like for the horse? What does it depend on? Is the trot getting further and further away from the horse's nature?

All this is what this course wants to teach you....

Sunday: 28.05.2023 11:59pm German time zone: Deadline for the pre sales price
Monday: 29.05.2023 Start with chapter 1
Friday: 09.06.2023 1. Q&A Session
Monday: 12.06.2023 Chapter 2
Friday: 23.06.2023 2. Q&A Session
Monday: 26.06.2023 Chapter 3
Friday: 07.07.2023 3. Q&A Session
Monday: 10.07.2023 Chapter 4
Friday: 21.07.2023 4. Q&A Session
Monday: 24.07.2023 Chapter 5
Friday: 04.08.2023 5. Q&A Session
Monday: 07.08.2023 Chapter 6
Friday: 18.08.2023 6. Q&A Session

Materials are available ONLINE for 6 months from the start of the course
and are completely available as DOWNLOAD

The individual chapters:

  1. Basics of trotting - the theory
  2. Seat and aids
  3. Young horses and raising trot
  4. Work in trot
  5. Transitions
  6. Crookedness and riding in counter flexion at the trot
The course includes:
  1. Theory videos
  2. Audio files of the theory - so you can easily listen to the theory on the way!
  3. Riding videos
  4. Exercises
  5. Handout to print out
  6. Closed Facebook group for exchange between course participants and live Q&A session for each chapter!
  7. Recording of the Q&A session will be made available on the course platform - for all those who cannot be there live.

What is an online course?

An online course offers many possibilities, which we would like to explain in more detail here.
Unlike webinars, here there is the possibility of not simply teaching participants theory at a specific time, but countless materials can be made available to the participants.
For this purpose, the course platform offers all the functions we need.

The course platform

The materials online
We use ELOPAGE as our course platform. When you register for the course, you will get access to our site. On this page, we release a new chapter every fortnight - BUT of course the previous chapters remain available - for 6 MONTHS.
The course platform is very easy to understand, each chapter has its own page, on the left side you will find the menu where you can switch between the individual chapters, all materials can be viewed directly online and this over and over again.


All videos, audio files, the presentations in pdf format, the script as well as any bonus materials will also be available as DOWNLOADS. This makes it possible for you to download all the materials and study the individual chapters in your own time, even without an internet connection.
At the very bottom of each individual course page you can find the DOWNLOAD FILES, which you can easily download with just one click.

What material does our course include?

Theory videos
  • By means of a presentation, Anja Beran gives a detailed explanation of the theory behind each individual chapter. She also explains how and why the exercises are executed, and precisely why she likes to use specific exercises.
Audio file of the theory videos
  • The audio recording of the theory videos is available as a separate file.
  • This means you can take a closer look at the theory irrespective of where you are, even travelling, for example.
Presentation as PDF file
  • The presentation used to explain the theory is available as a PDF file.
  • This makes viewing easier if you want to watch the theory video on a mobile phone or devices with a small screen.
Riding videos
  • The exercises explained in theory are demonstrated in practice with different horses

The script
  • Is suitable for printing
  • Includes a detailed description of every chapter
  • Graphics
  • The complete exercises

Facebook group and Q&A session

  • Once every two weeks Anja will conduct a Q&A session, the question can be asked on the course platform and we will go live in the facebook group
  • We will record these Q&A sessions and upload them on the course platform as a VIDEO and MP3 so they are available for everyone

Course plan

Chapter 1 - Theory
Chapter 1 - Theory
Chapter 2 - Seat and aids
Chapter 2 - Seat and aids
Chapter 3 - Young horses
Chapter 4 - The work at trot
Chapter 5 - Transitions
Chapter 6 - counter flexion