Action Game Angry Birds for Apple IIe, IIc, IIc+, IIgs

Angry Birds for the Apple ][ is a tribute to the original game. Now the user can experience 25 levels of slingshot shooting fun on the Apple //e enhanced (or better). The game is available as a DSK-image for emulators or floppy emus. Gameplay is controlled via a joystick. A MockingBoard is recommended for listening to the soundtrack.

System Requirements: Apple //e enhanced or better (//c, /c+, IIgs), min. 128k RAM, 65C02 CPU, Joystick, optional: MockingBoard

The package includes:

  1. digital DSK-image of the game floppy without copy protection
  2. QuickStart guide as PDF
  3. Additional information as PDF
  4. Disk sleeve as PDF
  5. Label as image file
With this package you can produce your own physical floppy disk or enjoy the game in your favourite emulator or use it with your floppy emu!

More information:
Overview about the files this product contains